The Dreamchasers Project is an online community of daydreamers and visionaries: Passionate believers who will do whatever it takes and go wherever they must in order to live the life they’ve imagined.

Stories in the Dreamchasers Project are all different takes on a common theme: The burden of a dream. The project is inspired by the feature film Amazon Falls which tells the story about one woman’s feverish pursuit to be a Hollywood star and is dedicated to the memory of Lana Clarkson.

To participate in the Dreamchasers Project, tell us what extremes you’ve gone to in pursuit of your dream. Or why you had to give up on it. Or when you knew you’d finally achieved it.

Submit your story to the website, and you will be entered for the chance to win prizes including:

  • 2 free tickets to the Toronto premiere on March 18th including an invitation to the after-party at Bread & Circus.
  • A lunch date with film director Katrin Bowen (for film and drama school students).
  • The B-Movie Experience: Tickets to the show, VIP status at the after-party at Bread & Circus, and drinks on us!
  • A CD Soundtrack of the film featuring music by Step Carruthers, Alexandre Klinke, Anton Schwartz, Vince Mai, Johnny Ferrira, Gary Anderson and more.

Recent Dreamchaser Submissions
  • Canadian Theatrical Releases:

    Toronto: March 18- 24th @ Carleton Cinema

    Calgary: April 1st-6th @ Plaza Cinema

    Vancouver: April 15th-22nd @ Denman Cinema

    Montréal: July 1st, 2nd ,& 3rd @ Cinéma Parallèle

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amazon falls facebook group
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